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How content marketing impacts your website’s SEO 6

This short video walks you through how social media and original content can boost search engine optimization — and why that benefits your business. Enjoy!

Lynn Esquer/SocialproseLynn Christiansen Esquer is a principal at SocialProse Media. Email her at


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  2. Here’s a transcript:
    So. You know from our earlier post that your social media marketing needs original, quality content in order to cultivate relationships with your customers. Like this video, for example — content, in whatever form, that is helpful!

    But another way content and social media marketing work for you is by driving web traffic to your business website, and boosting your rankings with the search engines.

    Let’s say you own an architecture firm. You can post photos of your latest project on your blog, which gives the search engines more to index on your website. But then you can pin those same pictures from your blog onto your Pinterest page. When people repin those pictures, they create backlinks to your site. Search engines create page rankings by taking into account how many outside links you have that will lead back to your site. And then, as those pictures gain exposure, it can lead to viral links as people begin to link to them from their own social channels. And search engines like that… a lot.

    Now, let’s say, you link to those same photos on your blog from Google Plus. Google has set up its algorithms to ensure that links from Google Plus to webpages provide higher search results that just about anything else. Once again, anytime anyone clicks through from Google Plus to your website, your original content on your website gets a boost, and you can be found easier in searches.

    And what happens when your website gets high search engine rankings, and people are going to your site for your content? You got it: You are sending them down your sales funnel.

    So there you go… all that great content, working with your social media, Help. Your. Website be found. There’s a reason content is king!

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