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Get your marketing house in order — with a strategy Reply

A strategy is critical when it comes to marketing. Period. In the case of social media marketing, this truism is often forgotten in the enthusiasm to jump right in. But strategies must always come before tactics, and social media is another tool to be used to help your business thrive. Undertaking any marketing activity without arriving at a well-thought-out strategy first is like jumping into a boat in the ocean, without oars, a sail or a rudder. It’s a directionless activity that won’t get you anywhere. More…

Don’t Chase The Media: Start The Conversation Yourself Reply

A critical part of marketing is getting other people to start talking about your business, and some of those “other people” are members of the media. But getting the media’s undivided attention is not as easy as it used to be.

First of all, it’s more difficult to define who the media is these days. The “traditional media,” such as print, radio and TV news reporters, has shrunk dramatically in the intersection of the move to online news and the recession. Media business writer John Reinan estimates today that a typical newsroom, radio or TV station has dumped  half of its staff in the last five years. As a result, a new form of media has arisen – among them bloggers who self-publish on their own site and may broadcast with social media, and citizen journalists who may contribute to both online and traditional outlets.