Is Content Dead?

Why You Absolutely Need To Actively Work on Audience Growth Reply

Once upon a time — as in, the 1990s — brands spent huge amounts of time and money creating outreach: brochures, websites, ad campaigns, media campaigns, newsletters and direct mail, to name a few.

Since then, technology has profoundly changed how business content is created, disseminated and consumed. But content marketing isn’t new, and neither is the concept behind it: Generally speaking, people require information before they are comfortable with making a purchase.

That’s why we don’t buy the claims that content marketing is dead or on its way out. Sure, some content marketers are seeing diminished returns due to the glut of content vying for consumers’ attention. But it simply isn’t realistic from a competitive standpoint for brands to drop their content marketing efforts!

Content is still king. Assuming you are actively creating quality content to feed your marketing machine, you don’t need to change a thing — as long you are working consistently on developing an engaged and ever-larger slice of the audience. More…


The secret to putting your best foot forward in social media? Full immersion 2

Each blog, social media outlet, email platform and inbound marketing property has about a million moving parts. Each requires constant traffic and followers and engagement. Each requires content generation. Each operates differently. So you owe it to yourself to get each one working for you. Laser-like focus on one particular platform over a period of a few weeks will help you learn faster how to make your online marketing more effective on each platform. More…

Dancing Chicken

Mercedes-Benz + dancing chickens = viral video marketing Reply

You may have already seen this video. It’s already gotten, as of this writing, 1.8 million views on YouTube. But enjoy it again anyway: Believe it or not, we have a point.

This little upbeat video is brilliant, because it’s funny and a bit weird. It doesn’t feel like an ad. It transcends language (it was made in Germany, where Mercedes is headquartered). When you watch these unflappable chickens being gently puppetmastered to the vocal stylings of Donna Summer, you need others to see it, too.

In other words, it’s viral. More…

video marketing

Think video is too hard, too expensive, to get into? Think again. Here’s how to do it. 7

Glossy, television-quality video is expensive to do, granted. But there are plenty of ways you can break into video on a small scale that still reaps the returns. And returns are what you’ll get when you branch into video marketing. More…


Social media is marketing. Invest in it. Reply

The same people who are well aware that a marketing or PR firm will cost them $250 per hour are often those who think that $100 per month should cover social media. I’ll let you in on a secret: Those who actually deliver results on social media have usually sharpened their marketing skills at those $250-per-hour firms. More…


Content curation: A critical element in any content strategy 1

Content curation is a component of any good content strategy. Clearly, you still should create your own content a few times a week, because that’s the content that creates backlinks to your website, boosting your SEO and your perceived expertise. But on the days you simply don’t have the time or resources write another blog post, take another picture, or produce another video, curation’s your answer. More…

marketing fail

The top 6 ways your online presence is failing your marketing goals 1

So much goes into your online presence: Your website functionality and user experience, including its mobility; its ability to be found by search engines; what search engines find when looking for you; and the professionalism (and backlink generation) of your social media and content. If you’re making some of these marketing mistakes, it’s time to fix them — stat! More…

Social intelligence

Social intelligence for better business 1

Social media can be used for gathering broader intel from the larger world around you to help you make the smartest decisions for your organization. You can use social to gather ideas, sharpen market intelligence, keep track of competitors, inform best practices, learn more about customers and their behaviors, and keep on top of industry trends. It’s an invaluable tool for driving informed decision-making. And what organization couldn’t use more of that? More…